Relief from the Heat


Friday, July 27, 2018.

Summer has hit the Livermore area which makes hiking rather unpleasant.  We decided to find a cooler place to walk this week, so we drove to Hayward Regional Shoreline.  It turned out to be a very good decision.  The morning was cool and the birds were plentiful.

Several years ago, there were evaporating ponds where salt water was contained in man-made ponds to evaporate the water and leave salt behind, which was refined and sold as table salt.  Recently, the artificial ponds have been breached to allow sea water back in to create a more natural environment for wild life.  It has been very successful and is a great place to walk, run, bike, and enjoy the salt marshes as they were originally.

We walked on the top of the dikes that remain, walking around the salt marshes.   The tide was out, so the mud flats were exposed.  We could see the small birds busy at picking out their food from the mud.  We also saw egrets and rails wading in the shallow water, along with large flocks of small birds soaring close to the surface of the water.  It felt so peaceful to be walking through the marshes with the bay water lapping softly against the side of the dike.  Since this is a Regional Park as well as part of the Bay Trail, it is well maintained and the signage is very good.  We walked a total of 3 miles and enjoyed every minute.  A great was to beat the heat.


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