Hiking in Mt. Diablo Foothills

IMG_0373.jpgToday we hiked at Macedo Ranch, a park in the foothills of Mt. Diablo.  It was a lovely day as it had rained a bit the night before and cleaned the skies of the smoke that had come from the wild fires in Napa and Sonoma Counties the previous week. The trails were a bit sticky at the beginning of the hike, but they soon dried out and walking was good.

It seems so amazing that parks like this exist in urban areas, but we were surrounded by hills and long range views over the foothills.  This particular trail covers varied terrain, including hill climbs, stream-side walking, and open hillsides.  We were particularly impressed by the rock formations that are reminiscent of Yosemite.

The directions we followed said the trail was 3 miles, but later we found there was a correction to those directions that upped the mileage to over 5 miles.  We certainly felt we had walked that far.  It was a good feeling to know we can do that much.



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