Urban Hike–Civic Center and City Hall in San Francisco

IMG_20170714_121928.jpgOn Friday, July 14th, our group did an urban hike.  We got on the bus in Livermore and rode to Bart, where we then traveled to Civic Center Station in San Francisco.  We met my son, Keith, who is training to be a City Walks guide, and he and his mentor started our tour.

We went to City Hall first, which is a very beautiful, domed building.  There were weddings taking place in the rotunda, so we skirted that area and saw some of the back hallways.  Our guides give us a lot of information about the building itself and about some of the things that have taken place there.  Particularly interesting was the hallway leading to the mayor’s office where Harvey Milk and Mayor Musconi were shot by Dan White, who had been forced off the board of supervisors.

After leaving City Hall we toured around civic center where many municipal, state and federal buildings are located.  After the tour Keith took us to the Twitter Market for lunch.  It was a very interesting day.


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