Redwood Regional Park, Skyline Gate

Because it is summer and it is hot in Livermore, we try to go closer to the Bay when choosing places to hike.  Friday, July 28th, we went to Redwood Regional Park in the Oakland/Berkeley hills.  It was a beautiful day, and much cooler weather than we have been having here.

It’s a very twisty road getting to the park, but lots of people had made the drive and the parking lot was nearly full, as well as cars parked on the street.  Many people come here to walk their dogs, run, or just stroll along.  We took our favorite trails, starting out on Stream trail.  It is very well shaded with groves of redwoods along the way.

After about a mile, we turned off on Sendas trail.  Because we had come down quite a lot from the parking lot, of course, we had to go back up, and this is the trail we take.  Somehow, it had gotten much steeper and harder than it was the last time we were there.  At least, that’s the way it seemed.  A lot of tree roots to scramble over and steep climbs.  Each time we came to a flat spot we thought we were finally at the top, but no, there was more yet to do.  Finally, we got to the top where there was a conveniently placed bench.  We gratefully sat down and rested.  A dog walker came up the same trail with 5 dogs and he complained about what a tough trail Sendas was.  That made us feel some better.  The last part was West Ridge Trail which was flat and more shaded than I remembered.

The total hike took us about 2 hours, going at a leisurely pace.  It was very good to get out into the hills with all the beautiful views and trees.  Glad we were able to do it.



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