Joaquin Miller Regional Park2016

2016-07-15 11.05.31July 15, 2016

Another beautiful day by the Bay.  It’s been in the high 90’s in Livermore the last few days, so walking in the Oakland hills seemed like a good idea.  This is a park that has redwoods, cypress, eucalyptus and acacia, and offers very good views of Oakland and the Bay.  There are also stands of California bay, coast live oak, madrone and pine. Most of the trail is shaded, so it offered a feeling of coolness along with the magnificent trees.

We took Sequoia-Bayview Trail, then Cinderella Trail, and finally, Sunset Trail.  Bayview and Sunset trails were wide and well maintained.  Cinderella Trail turned out to be a favorite with mountain bikers, so it had lots of downhill with rocks and deep ruts in the trail.  It caused us some slippery moments but, thankfully, we did not meet any bikers.  I don’t think they could have stopped.  This is a park that also has a horse riding arena and a large meadow with playing fields and areas for picnics.  It is a great park and a favorite of mine for getting respite from the summer heat.  It’s also very easy to get to.



One thought on “Joaquin Miller Regional Park2016

  1. I enjoyed hiking the trails in Joaquin Miller Regional Park. I loved the big tall trees that aligned the trails, fresh air and nice views of the Bay. We encountered a dozen mountain bikers and they were very courteous. I think many bikers will converge into these hills during weekends and holidays. Thanks to Joanne for bringing us to this beautiful park. — Amy Feikert

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