Land’s End


2016-06-03 10.53.00.jpg

On June 3rd, we went to Sutro Baths and Lands End in San Francisco.  This is now a National Preserve which includes the Coastal Trail, Point Lobos Overlook, Seal Rocks, The Cliff House Restaurant, and spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge.  When we arrived, the sky was fairly clear, with a little fog on the opposite shore.  The weather was perfect for hiking.  We started on the Coastal Trail out of the parking lot, and came to several short sets of stairs, which led to an overlook.  Then, some longer stairs took us up to the street that went past the Palace of the Legion of Honor, the golf course, and the Holocaust Memorial.  Then we went back down to the ocean.  From there, you can walk around the foundations of the old salt water Sutro Baths and other reminders of the time when this was a play ground for San Franciscans.  The circuit was about 3.5 miles.

Since it was noon, getting colder and foggier, we went to the Cliff House for lunch.  It is a land mark in San Francisco, and still attracts tons of visitors.  Unfortunately, by this time the fog was covering the water and there was no view of the bridge or the opposite shore.  We had a great time at one of the Bay’s most spectacular places.



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