Macedo Ranch Hike

2015-11-13 11.13.08 On November 13, 2015, our group hiked in the foothills of Mount Diablo on trails that go through beautiful rolling hills, along a deeply shaded creek, and past some rugged rock formations.  This hike has varied terrain and is one of the  most interesting hikes we have found.  Something for everyone.  We have just had a little rain, so the grass was starting to grow, giving a hint of green to the landscape.  The day was perfectly clear, with the bright blue sky contrasting with the still mostly brown hills and valley oaks.

The hike was about 4.5 miles long, with a few challenging hills.  We had to do several creek crossings, but because of the drought, there was very little water in them.  We think it would be nice to come back in the spring to see if the creeks are running and if Little Yosemite trail has waterfalls beside it.  There were a lot of hikers and horse-back riders out, enjoying the beautiful weather.  This hike is definitely  one we would like to do again.


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