Pinnacles National Park

On March 6th, 2015, our hiking group drove to Pinnacles National Park to hike among the boulders and caves that are unique to Pinnacles.  Pinnacles is just south of Hollister and Gilroy, just east of Hwy 101.  It is the place where the condors were reintroduced back into the wild and also sits on one of the most active earthquake faults in the area.

We arrived about 10:30 a.m. and began our hike at Bear Gulch Day Use parking lot.  It was a short hike up to talus caves.  They are quite spectacular with many steps cut into the rock and hand rails along the way.  We had brought our flash lights and certainly needed them, as the trail through the caves is quite long.  There was a stream running beside the trail which added nice sound effects to the experience.  When we came out we saw several rock climbers practicing their skills.   We then followed the trail back to the parking lot.  I felt that the signs could have been clearer and more helpful in pointing out the ways to go.

After we ate out lunch in the campground we were ready to start the long drive home.  The trip wasn’t too bad until we got to the usual slow places after San Jose.  It was a very beautiful day and great trip. IMG_1043IMG_1044


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