The Rains Come Back

February 6, 2015, was the day of our scheduled hike, but heavy rain was forecast for Friday.  It was not yet raining at our meeting time of 9:00 a. m., so we met and decided to not go far and risk getting our hike in before the rain came.  We decided to go to Sycamore Grove and hike up to the pond, which we have done a few times before.  It is close, a nice length, and gives a variety of hiking terrain.

Everything went as hoped.  We did hike up to the pond where we saw some ducks and one turtle on its raft.  Hiking down the hill, we saw the usual complement of turkey vultures and squirrels.  We made it back to the cars before the sprinkles began as well.  The hike was about 3 1/2 miles, and it goes up-hill, then flat, then down, then flat again.  Not very many other hikers were out that morning.  We were glad we went and glad we got the hike in.  The rain came in the afternoon, and I measured nearly 1 inch in my rain gauge, so we were lucky it held off.


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