George Miller Regional Trail

On January 20, 2015, our group hiked on the newly opened George Miller Regional Trail in Martinez.  The trail is an old road that was resurfaced and turned into a hiking and biking trail.  It goes between Martinez and Port Costa and is 1.7 miles long.

On the morning of our hike it was clear and cool in Livermore, but when we got to Martinez on the Carquenez Strait, the fog was hanging low over the water.  We were unable to see the water, the bridges, or the train track that runs along the water, although we could hear the trains going along the track.

We found several plants in bloom, including a very large acacia tree.  The rains in December had left the hills covered with green grass, and even though we couldn’t see far, we enjoyed what we could see.  We met several dog walkers and other hikers, as well as bikers.  After we got back to the parking lot the sun came out and we did get a great view of one of the bridges.  It was a very nice, easy hike which we enjoyed very much.


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