Sunol Regional Park from Welch Creek Road

On Friday, November 14, 2014, we hiked in Sunol Regional Park. This time we took Welch Creek Road to a small parking area and hiked on High Valley Road, Cave Rocks Road, Eagle View Road, and Vista Grande Road. It is a grand view, as we were quite a bit above Flag Hill and the valley. The altitude gain is about 1050 ft.
The weather was perfect for this kind of hike; cool, but mostly sunny. The grass has started to come up because of the recent light rains. In one area along the creek, the leaves were a stunning red, yellow, and orange. It was a beautiful autumn sight.
We hiked for a distance of just over 4 miles. It was a nice, challenging hike; one we have done before and will probably do again because there are several ways of going. One slightly easier hike is to go to the top of Flag Hill from Welch Creek. None of these would be very comfortable in the summer time.


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