Round Top Loop Trail

Our group hiked in Redwood Regional Park on Friday, Sept. 5. We enjoy that park because of the varied terrain and vegetation. This time we entered the park from East Gate, which we got to by going through Moraga. The trail goes through Huckleberry Preserve, then enters Redwood Regional Park. The loop trail we followed went around Round Top, which is the remains of an extinct volcano in Sibley Park.
The trail started out with a little up-hill, then we were in the shade of redwoods. The trail was quite damp in places, making us wonder if there were springs nearby, since the rest of the area is very dry. After about a mile of uphill walking, we came to the overlook at the old rock quarry. We detoured to the bottom of the quarry to walk the labyrinth which has been made with rocks.
We then completed the circuit around the volcano and headed back to our car. The total hike was a little over 3 miles and the weather was clear and cool, perfect for hiking.
We find this area to be wonderful for summer hiking. The weather is cooler there and we continue to find new trails that we have never been on before. What a wonderful resource.


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