Redwood Regional Park

On Friday, July 11, 2014, we hiked in Redwood Regional Park in Oakland. It was a beautiful day, clear after the fog burned off. We started at Fishway area, which is at the south end of the park, and did the French Trail Loop. The first part of the hike followed Bridal Trail and then Stream Trail, both of which parallel the creek. The area is heavily wooded with redwoods and the trails were well shaded. After going about 2.5 miles, we headed up the slope and hiked on French Trail. It was a little more open and we could look down on the tops of the redwoods. This part of the trail was also fairly level, but we were trending down. When we got to Orchard Trail, it was steeply down hill for about a half mile. At the bottom we rejoined Bridal and ended up at the parking lot. The whole hike was a little over 6 miles, with just the right amount of up-hill and down-hill, shade, and lots of redwoods. Very lovely. We had never hiked from the south entrance before, but found many of the same trails we had hiked on from the north end, such as Stream and French. This is a very nice hike to add to our favorites list.


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