Sycamore Grove

On October 4, 2013, we did one of our old favorites in Sycamore Grove.  It had been quite windy the night before and we were a little worried about the weather, but it was actually very nice.  There was some wind when we got to the top of park, but not enough to bother us.  When we started out, we took the road that crosses the arroyo, but the creek was full of water, so we had to go cross-country to the foot bridge.  We took the short, steep trail out of the valley floor, and then we were on the level again. When we came to the pond, it was also filled with water and we saw 2 turtle sunning themselves on some small wood rafts that seem to have been placed there for just that purpose.  It definitely is looking like fall there, with the grasses all dry and some of the trees starting to turn color.  

When we got back to the valley floor, we saw a huge sycamore tree that had fallen.  Much of it had been sawed into smaller pieces, but we could see what the size of it had been by the extent of the debris in the area. Also, there are new restrooms that are a great addition to the park.  Flush toilets and leaf and paw prints in the concrete.  Very cute.Image 


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