Arroyo Mocho, Livermore

This past Friday, Aug. 23, we had a delightful hike in LIvermore on trails that were new to several of our hikers.  We started at the church and walked to Almond Ave. Park.  From there we walked on Quezaltenango Path, a combination horse, bike and walking trail, to Civic Center LIbrary.  There we crossed S. Livermore Ave. to get to the arroyo.  The path is paved and is well traveled by bikers and walkers.  There wasn’t nearly as much water in the arroyo as there had been the week before, indicating that they have stopped letting water out of Del Valle reservoir.  The gardens of houses along the path were quite interesting and presented a view you never see from the street.  At Arroyo Road we went up to the street and walked through some of the more interesting neighborhoods, mostly older, well-tended homes.  Our walk continued back to the library where we stopped for coffee and a breather, then we returned to the church.  The morning had started out cool, but by the time we finished, it was beginning to get warm.  We walked nearly 5 miles this time, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing “Our Town” from a different viewpoint.Image


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