Angel Island Hike

On Saturday, July 13, we caught the ferry at Jack London Square and went to Angel Island.  It was a perfect day for hiking and lots of people were out to do just that.  Angel Island is a state park and is served by ferries from San Francisco and Tiberon.  It was once the center for immigration intake for Chinese immigrants coming to the west coast.  There is a museum and tours at the center. You can go through the old barracks and read about the experiences of the newcomers.  We stopped there briefly, but our main goal was Mt. Livermore, 788 ft. high.

Mt. LIvermore was named for Carolyn LIvermore,Image who led the effort to preserve Angel Island in it’s natural state.  The trail up to the top is fairly easy hiking and the view from the top is spectacular.  There is a 360 degree view of the entire Bay Area, including 3 bridges, the city, and Marin County. There were a lot of sail boats out on the bay, as well as the first race in the America’s Cup races, with 2 boats taking part. 

One of the best parts of this hike were the people we met and talked with.  While at the top, we met a couple who had just become engaged.  What a wonderful place to propose!  They were from Florida, so I think he did a lot of research to find such a great spot.  There seemed to be a bond between everyone who made it to the top.  We found everyone very helpful in pointing out trails to take.

This was a great hike and no matter how many times you do it, it always seems different and you see new things.  Certainly the views around the bay change constantly.  We were lucky to have such a beautiful day.


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