Moraga Stairs and much more

We had a great hike Friday, April 19th.  We took public transportation to the Inner Sunset district in San Francisco where we climbed the Moraga Stairs, Cascade Stwy., and Grand View Park Stwy.  All along the way we met people who shared history and experiences with the stairs.  Especially interesting was talking with Jason who was raised on the street where he now lives and was a tour guide earlier in his life. The day was perfect with great views of the city.  We returned to the Embarcadero where we shopped a bit, then had dinner at Sinbad’s where we have a beautiful view of the Bay and the Bay Bridge.  As it became darker, the city lights came on, and then the display of lights came on on the bridge.  We walked out on a jetty to get a better view of the lights and talked to some kayakers who were also enjoying nightfall on the Bay.  The water was unusually calm with no wind at all.  ItImageImage was a very satisfying day.


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