April in Morgan Territory

April showers bring April flowers.  This morning as we drove to Morgan Territory Regional Preserve, we watched the dark clouds forming and dispersing with anxiety.  Would we get rained out?  The trail at the beginning of the hike was quite muddy, but after we got to the graveled parts, it was fine.  We also only experienced only a very light mist, then some sunshine.  We started out on Volvon trail, then walked on Blue Oak trail to Hummingbird trail and back to Volvon.  The total hike was 2.9 miles.  This hike has always been a favorite, especially in the spring when the slopes are covered with wild flowers.  This time there were masses of buttercups and little purple flowers that formed a colorful carpet on the hill sides.  When we started out,IMG_0695 a large group of trail riders with dogs were heading out just ahead of us.  They proved useful to us as we could tell how muddy the trail was by looking at how deep the hoof prints went into the trail.  We met a number of other hikers on the trail, so the rain didn’t seem to deter people’s enjoyment of this very beautiful place.



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