Round Valley

3/22/13  Today we hiked in Round Valley.  We have hiked there every year, but today we tried a more challenging trail.  We took Canyon Trail which follows a beautiful stream for about 2 miles, then ascends into open grasslands dotted with oak trees and scattered boulders.  At the ridge, the trail descends fairly sharply to the valley floor, where we joined Miwok Trail and returned to the parking lot. The hike was a total distance of 4.7 miles.  The hills were still very green with buttercups and a few other early spring flowers in bloom.  Although there was a fairly stiff wind at times, the sky was clear and we were very comfortable hiking.  It was a very enjoyable hike and gave us a new appreciation for Round Valley.  


One thought on “Round Valley

  1. I love this-what a great idea. So sorry I missed the Round Valley hike. I was all set to go but could NOT find my glasses. I spent a couple for hours looking before I found them. I hope to be able to go next time. Linda Guthrie

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